Thursday, 13 May 2010


OK so heres the deal. for those of you not already aware noise is an online artists gallery/resorce/news/forum/amazing thing each year they ask for submissions from new and upcoming artists to take part in the festival and be judged by industry professionals. It is a real opportunity to get your work out there and they are genuinely fantastic people! anyway, enough praise. As part of this online festival they have opened up their own shop in Manchester called NOISELAB. this shop contains artwork, tshirts and all manner of other wonderful things created and contributed by artists. the shop however is beginning to look as though it may be shut down prematurely! so in order to stop this from happening I urge you to sign the PETITION or better yet head down to the shop and show your support. It is a fantastic showcase for young artists in and around manchester and needs your help!

I heart lathes

i recently became the proud owner of a pre war Super Adept lathe, and as such have been busy lathing away. Here is one of the results

this is a brass fully poseable armature. It stands around 8cm tall and comprises mostly of ball joints machined on the aforementioned lathe. Here also is the plans for the armature which i managed to stick to fairly accurately!
this was only a prototype version, I will be ironing out the design flaws and making more on a slightly larger scale more appropriate to stop motion work.