Saturday, 17 October 2009

increases the size of my head

every couple of months, I am almost ashamed to admit, i go through the ritual of searching for myself on the internet. It may seem like a gratuitous ego tripping vanity party for my big fat head, but it is more a chance to find out things about myself that i didnt know, research. Research into a subject i should be an expert on. Every so often i find something completely new, sometimes i find people have written bad things about me, and sometimes good. And sometimes i find things that cheer me right up on a cold autumn morning, that make me feel like i am not completely wasting my time sitting every day drawing little comics, like this i stumbled across on which is a great website devoted to all things comic! so thank you

Friday, 16 October 2009

flies you look cool but are horrible and a nuisance

Another possible tshirt design? or maybe a sticker, im not sure. Flys are quite horrible, they start off as eggs, become maggots, then Pupa, before becoming actual flies. Like horrible buttterflies realy, i suppose they are related, i dont think butterflies vomit on their food though. fascinating creatures. fascinating but horrible.
flies, they get around.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


ok, as is always the way, i found this while busy and got completely sidetracked, ive spent the last half hour entranced by these machines. They are made by a man named Arthur Ganson and are incredible! so if you have a couple of hours free i would reccomend you check them out. I am fascinated by clockwork and gears and it is always a delight to see someone using gearing systems, some simple and others painfuly complex, to create such beutiful, almost organic, movement.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

So what do we look forward to next?

the next project i am undertaking is for the TAA Forbidden arts Exhibition. i am joining forces with some other artists for this one to produce a number of pieces. i am thinking sculpture, it has been far too long and i need to flex my creature building muscles! more info on that project as it progresses! The exhibition its self should be rather exciting. I have been very pleasently surprised in previous years with the show, the sheer amount of work people put into it and the friendly atmosphere! so, well worth a visit. If you were too lazy to check the link it is running from the 4th to the 7th of november . . . location still to be disclosed!

other things. . . . lets see, im designing a t-shirt for selling on my website
the first of many. oh, and on the same note i have now got the shop up and running on the site, where you can buy the full series of Punks in Space, at a reduced price, and also the new comic Zombie Moor. Soon to arrive in the shop aswell, a lazer cut full size replica raygun. everyone likes rayguns. it is still in the prototype stages at the moment
but will soon be ready! A fine piece for the discerning collector, i hope you agree, and also the first sculpture i have been able to reproduce more than once without having to faff around with moulds and casting! more info to come on price and stuff when i get chance!

thats all for now