Tuesday, 13 October 2009

So what do we look forward to next?

the next project i am undertaking is for the TAA Forbidden arts Exhibition. i am joining forces with some other artists for this one to produce a number of pieces. i am thinking sculpture, it has been far too long and i need to flex my creature building muscles! more info on that project as it progresses! The exhibition its self should be rather exciting. I have been very pleasently surprised in previous years with the show, the sheer amount of work people put into it and the friendly atmosphere! so, well worth a visit. If you were too lazy to check the link it is running from the 4th to the 7th of november . . . location still to be disclosed!

other things. . . . lets see, im designing a t-shirt for selling on my website
the first of many. oh, and on the same note i have now got the shop up and running on the site, where you can buy the full series of Punks in Space, at a reduced price, and also the new comic Zombie Moor. Soon to arrive in the shop aswell, a lazer cut full size replica raygun. everyone likes rayguns. it is still in the prototype stages at the moment
but will soon be ready! A fine piece for the discerning collector, i hope you agree, and also the first sculpture i have been able to reproduce more than once without having to faff around with moulds and casting! more info to come on price and stuff when i get chance!

thats all for now

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